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Freezing food

Problem with food freezing in refrigerators in San Diego:
causes and ways to fix the problem


Encountering issues with food unexpectedly freezing inside the refrigerator is not uncommon. This situation not only causes inconvenience to users by potentially ruining certain food items but can also negatively impact the refrigerator itself. Ice accumulation on the interior walls may lead to operational malfunctions.

Why Might Food Freeze in the Refrigerator?

Inappropriate Temperature Settings

Ensure the temperature is correctly set between +35°F and +40°F. Setting the temperature lower than recommended can cause freezing.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A defective thermostat might fail to regulate the fridge's temperature properly, necessitating its replacement.

Blocked Cooling System

This can result in the uneven distribution of cold air within the unit.

Fan Issues

If the fan is not working correctly, air circulation may be compromised.

Door Seal Problems

Look out for deformations, cracks, or a loss of elasticity in the door seal.

Overloading the Refrigerator

Ensure the fridge is not packed too tightly with items.

Improper Storage Practices

Avoid placing hot food directly into the refrigerator.

Attempting DIY fixes might exacerbate the problem! Instead, consider enlisting the help of experienced professionals.

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Additional Recommendations

Adhering to these guidelines can significantly prolong the lifespan of your refrigerator.

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